As a domestic and national trademark, Bakıroğlu Tesisat Malzeme Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi was founded in 2008 in Kocaeli.

It has the capacity to produce all the needs of the sector with carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steels and special steel groups.

Since the year it was founded Bakıroğlu Tesisat has the capacity to meet all the needs of the sector with carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steels and special steel groups.

It is manufacturing special products in line with technical drawings for Petrol and natural gas lines, refineries and petrochemical facilities, purification and decomposition facilities, nuclear and electricity power plants, dams and hydroelectric power plants, to the manufacture of tires, food, chemicals and machinery/press with Stainless Fittings, Titanium Fittings, A 105 Steel Fittings, Valves , Threaded SW, Caps, Flanges, Thredolet, Forged Elbows, Forged Reducing Elbow, Blind Flange, Coupling, Bushing, Sockolet.

As of 2018, in order to adapt to the changing social, economic conditions, the business processes and organization chart of Bakıroğlu Tesisat were redesigned, a move forward has been made in the 14th year and changes were made in the design and engineering activities to provide you a better service with an approach to widen its business area, the productivity and performance of employees with an approach based on steady growth to expand their main operation areas, to create an environment that will carry the productivity and performance of the employees to the highest level.

Standard Bakıroğlu Tesisat product classes are the following:

  • Stainless Steel Flanges DIN and EN Norms
  • Flanges in Stainless Steel ANSI Norm
  • Stainless Steel Threaded Connecting Elements
  • Stainless Socket Welded Fittings
Coupling Manşon
Half Coupling Yarım Manşon
Threaded Elbow 90° 90° Dirsek
Threaded Elbow 45° 45° Dirsek
Street Elbow 90° 90° Kuyruklu Dirsek
Reducing Coupling Red. Manşon
Hexagon Reducing Nipple 6 Köşe Red Nipel
Pipe Nipple T.O.E. Boru Nipeli – T.T.D.
Pipe Nipple T.B.E. Boru Nipeli Ç.T.D.
Hexagon Plus Altı Köşe Başlı Kör Tapa
Hexagon Nipple Altı Köşe Nipel
Threaded Tee Dişli Te
Round Cap Yuvarlak Kör Tapa
Hexagon Bushing Altı Köşe Başlı Redüksiyon
Hexagon Cap İç Dişli Kep
Union F / F Konik Rekor
Coupling SW Soket Manşon
Union M / F Kuyruklu Rekor
Half Coupling SW Yarım Soket Manşon
Elbow 90° SW 90° Soket Dirsek
Tee SW Soket Tee
Elbow 45° SW 45° Soket Dirsek
Union SW Soket Rekor
Round Cap SW Soket kep
Reducing Coupling SW Soket Manşon Redüksiyon
Weldonet® Reducing Weldonet®
Sockolet® Reducing Sockolet®
Thredolet® Reducing Thredolet®